A Letter from the President, Louis Cicalese

As a place sacred to the memory of those who have passed, "Sunset Memorial Park” has become such a place, silent and peaceful, permitting us to surround with sentiment those whose memory is most dear. It has the power to turn our thoughts to a future of sweeter service here and now, as well as there and sometime, and to view with nature and with each other to make it a place of uplifting influence.


In the State of New Jersey, within the City of Pennsauken, Sunset Memorial Park’s land was chosen for this tranquil cemetery site. This spacious Cemetery is marked by restful diversity, so too are the memorials selected with a view to character and fineness, and from the most impressive Mausoleum to the most modest marker there is high intent. Many unusual tributes will be found here, among them, that erected in memory Arnold Cream “Jersey Joe Walcott” he held the world heavyweight title from 1951 to 1952, and broke the record for the oldest man to win the title, at the age of 37 Born January 31, 1914 Camden New Jersey and Dies February 25, 1994 Camden New Jersey.


"Sunset Memorial Park” Memorial Chapel and Mausoleum is a crowning tribute to man’s love and human devotion. Truly, the works placed here, not only keep in remembrance those who have served their day but uphold and inspire those whose hands have still their life’s work to do. The Mausoleum offers crypts and Niches for cremation and full casketed entombments.


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Louis Cicalese Sunset Memorial Park President 2019

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